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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tips & Tricks- Adhesives

Everyone has their favorites and I am always looking to discover better, cheaper and easier ways to get my work to stick together. Below are a few of my favorites, but please feel free to share any insights you have come across.

#1 Gel Medium- This adhesive rocks my world, because it not only holds stuff together and dries clear, but has a million other uses. My personal favorite use is image transferring. Almost every craft book you come across recommends this and for good reason. It is hard to buy in small quantities and can be quite pricey, but it is well worth it to have on hand. It's like Modge Podge for grown-ups! You'll find this with the acrylic paints in your craft store.

#2 Adhesive Rollers- These little do-dads make scrapbooking, card making and other paper decorating fast and mess-free. It reminds me of the white-out rollers that were popular when I was in school. They also make gluing really easy for children. My favorite use for these rollers is gluing down satin and other fabric ribbons! These are usually located in the scrapbooking aisle of your craft store.

#3 Loctite Gel Super Glue- I love how super glue actually changes the chemical make-up of plastics and "melts" them together, but the liquid version usually ends up more on my fingers than my work- yikes! This is easy to control and will hold almost anything together with just a dab! I find it in the adhesive section of my local craft store.

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