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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Promotion 2010

Enter your name in a drawing to win a coupon for The Market in the Glen to use this holiday season. Entries will be taken from now until Dec. 11th, 2010. There is a 1st prize and a 2nd prize winner for this drawing. The 1st prize winner will receive a holiday coupon for 15% off any item in my shop and the 2nd prize winner will receive a coupon for 10% off any item. You can have up to two entries for the 2nd prize and an almost unlimited amount of entries for the 1st prize. The winners will be chosen randomly using the random number generator and announced Dec. 12th, 2010. 

To Enter for a Chance to Win the 2nd prize (a 10% off ANY item coupon):
-Become a Follower of this blog 
-Favorite my shop at

To Enter for a Chance to Win the 1st prize (a 15% off ANY item coupon):
-Refer a friend to my shop OR blog and have them Follow or Favorite me
-Mention my shop on your blog OR link to this promotion on your website
-Buy an item from my shop during the run of this promotion and receive an automatic entry to this drawing
-Feature one of my items in your Treasury during this promotion

-If you were referred by a friend, be sure to include the friend’s blogger or Etsy name to ensure they get a chance at the 15% off coupon code.
-If you are unsure whether your correct email is linked to your Etsy name or blog name, then leave one I can email you with the coupon code in the event that you win OR check this blog on Dec. 12th, 2010.
-Coupons will expire Jan. 6th, 2011

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrate First Blog Mention!

  As a devoted tracker of my Etsy lovers on Craftopolis, I noticed a sudden spike on Monday in my pageviews and lovers, but could not figure out why. They took the Treasure Tracks feature off, so I could not instantly see if it was due to being featured in a popular Treasury or not. I turned next to Socialmention, but was still left dumbfounded. I tracked myself down in the Etsy Treasury search, but that didn't initially explain 236 new visitors with 827 pageviews and 9 new lovers. I waited for my Web Analysis to close at the end of the night to find out my traffic sources, but it still didn't give me a clear enough picture as most of the links were expired by the time I looked at them.
  Thankfully, Beckykazana sent me a message with the link to her Treasury's frontpage appearance on Craftcult, which you can view here and her blog. I was so excited I was gushing like a little girl- my first blog mention! She was kind enough to feature my Hobbit Hole Miniature Dollhouse, which is one of the most peeked at, searched for and favorited items I sell. It went along well with her other Scandinavian/gnome finds. She is certainly one of those people with a knack for putting together awesome Treasuries!
  I thought I would share this exciting milestone I have reached as I am hoping it is an indicator in the general trend my shop is taking this holiday season. I am already enjoying record sales, renewed interest and beaming confidence. I also think it is important to have a web presence and to be aware of what is available, which is why I link to my resources as much as I can. Hope you find some of this information helpful and/or inspiring.