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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celebrate First Blog Mention!

  As a devoted tracker of my Etsy lovers on Craftopolis, I noticed a sudden spike on Monday in my pageviews and lovers, but could not figure out why. They took the Treasure Tracks feature off, so I could not instantly see if it was due to being featured in a popular Treasury or not. I turned next to Socialmention, but was still left dumbfounded. I tracked myself down in the Etsy Treasury search, but that didn't initially explain 236 new visitors with 827 pageviews and 9 new lovers. I waited for my Web Analysis to close at the end of the night to find out my traffic sources, but it still didn't give me a clear enough picture as most of the links were expired by the time I looked at them.
  Thankfully, Beckykazana sent me a message with the link to her Treasury's frontpage appearance on Craftcult, which you can view here and her blog. I was so excited I was gushing like a little girl- my first blog mention! She was kind enough to feature my Hobbit Hole Miniature Dollhouse, which is one of the most peeked at, searched for and favorited items I sell. It went along well with her other Scandinavian/gnome finds. She is certainly one of those people with a knack for putting together awesome Treasuries!
  I thought I would share this exciting milestone I have reached as I am hoping it is an indicator in the general trend my shop is taking this holiday season. I am already enjoying record sales, renewed interest and beaming confidence. I also think it is important to have a web presence and to be aware of what is available, which is why I link to my resources as much as I can. Hope you find some of this information helpful and/or inspiring.

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