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Monday, July 26, 2010

Books- Antiques and Vintage

  If you couldn't already tell- I LOVE books! I started off collecting antique books when I was in High School, which tells you just how nerdy I was/am. Then I decided to go back and collect books from my childhood or books I wish I had during my younger years. I became a collector and a connoisseur. This of course lead to my degree in English literature, which is most evident in my vast library that I love, but hate moving. Anyway, this weekend I found a used bookstore that was having a sale on children's books and an antique store with true antique classics, so I went a little crazy.

Below are a few of my favorites from this past out, but check out my shop to see all the latest.

1. A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare:
We've established my love for the satire king and stage master, but let me tell you about pocket-sized, antique classics; I love those too! Not only is this copy beautiful, but it is over 160 years old! That is a boat load of history. I love imagining who might have carried this little treasure around. Did some dapper gentleman try to woo his lady with a few verses from this tome? If I had the heart to rip it apart, it would make great scraps for all the paper art I do!

2. I Am Eskimo- Aknik My Name by Paul Green Aknik:
I had never heard of this biographical book, but it has some great story-telling and awesome charcoal illustrations by the famous illustrator, Ahgupuk. I loved Julie of the Wolves as a kid, so this really appeals to me. I might have to squeeze in a thorough read before someone snatches it up!

3. Fawn Baby by Gladys Baker Bond:
This is a truly beautiful picture book with my favorite color combination of blue, green and brown. I am almost inclined to frame the illustrations and decorate my craft space. I find it so adorable that the fawn has long, thick eyelashes!

Do you have a favorite children's book you've held on to all these years? I love to hear people's stories about stories!

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