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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crafting Trips- Nashville, IN

  This past weekend I spent sometime haunting the local craft stores and art shops in the quaint, little town of Nashville, Indiana. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite shops there in case you live nearby or were looking for an excuse to take a road trip.

Favorite #1- Papertrix
Not only were the owners artists, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but once they heard we were into Steampunk they went out of their way to show us all the fun stuff they had in-stock. It may look tiny on the outside but they had more papers, stamps and embellishments than any big-box craft store! It was all nicely organized too and they were more than willing to help us look around. There were also tons of examples of how they used the products they sell to make wonderful works of whimsy and art! They even offer classes and have guest artist come in from all over the world! This should be a must-visit for anyone in the Upper Mid-West.

Favorite #2- The Purple Fig
This lady is an exquisite fabric artist and fabric bead maker. The wall hangings and art dolls really stole my heart, but she says the fabric beads are her top seller. She is also looking to offer classes when the tourist season is over and I can't wait to hear how they go!

Favorite #3- Jeepers Miniatures
This is one of the last mortar-and-brick miniature stores left and I was lucky to find it! I love being able to touch and closely examine what I am buying first, so this is the place to get your scale model accessories. On display in the store is a miniature version of Diagon Alley with The Leaky Cauldron and Flourish and Blotts, which will blow you away whether you are a fan or not! I bought a stove kit that I can't wait to put together to show you!

There are many other stores, galleries and artists to see there, so this is only a small sample of what really caught my attention this time around. I look forward to spending more time there hunting through antiques and learning new ways to improve my crafting!

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