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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two New Obsessions

  I need to share my two new obsessions with you because I just can't contain my excitement any longer!

1) Craftopolis takes all your Etsy statistics and Google Web Analytics and combines them in a fun, user-friendly way to give you a good idea who is looking at what, and whether they love it or not. It also has a tab to show you which Treasuries you're in. Finding out I have new "lovers", new "hearts" and new "treasure tracks" always brightens my day!

2) Spoonflower was recently featured on the Etsy Blog, but I have just ordered my first test swatch of my own design! Oh my goodness are the possibilities endless! I have been having so much trouble finding fabric I like and need around here, so I love that I can save stress, gas and time by just creating what I need. I also have ideas in the works to create "fairy" inspired fabrics for durable fairy bedding and other creations to sell to all of you. I'll keep you posted.

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