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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Statsy- My First Showcase

My first showcase has officially closed and the immediate results are in. I thought I would share the hard numbers with you (because no one else will), so you might have a better idea whether it is worth your $7 or $15.

I chose my top ten most viewed, most hearted items to appear in the line-up of my showcase. My thought was that these items are already well-liked, I just need to find someone who can afford them, a collector or who is looking ahead for the holidays. Sitting at #1 is the Hobbit Hole, which has been in this ranking since almost day one. My other miniature dollhouses follow close behind, but it is the smallest, cheapest items that do well.

#1 Item- Hobbit Hole Statistics (past 24 hours):
-1 Inquiry
-8 hearts

#2-#10 Showcase Items:
-double views on average
-double hearts on average
-2 sales

My Shop:
-135 Visits
-9 shop hearts
-15 items hearts
-2 items sold

Conclusion: It definitely paid for itself today and the exposure was unlike anything I could have dreamed. My shop is that much more likely to be seen in someone's favorites or be remembered closer to the holidays. It was interesting and helped motivate me to spruce up my shop. I still have a lot of work to do. I feel as though learning to take good photos and write great descriptions is an on-going process, but I am still hopeful and enjoying handcrafting.

Upcoming Projects:
-Brownie Bungalow
-Mini Fairy boats
-Female Hero, Rustic Cloth Dolls
-Mini Fairy Garden

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