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Monday, August 2, 2010

Homage to My Hedgie

  It is no surprise that my animals are some of my favorite sources of inspiration. I have a living terrarium full of croaking frogs and toads, a needy Springer Spaniel and a hedgehog. They are often the center of my universe and my foremost connection with nature. I can not thank them enough for the balm they provide for me.
  Today my five year old hedgehog, Brillo was diagnosed with terminal, inoperable uterine cancer. This is disappointing, but not surprising. She has lived an adventurous and uncommonly long, healthy life, so I wanted to create a tribute to all things hedgie. Check out my favorite prickly finds at Homage to My Hedgie.
  We have warm chicken, meal worms, digging in my garden, snuffling the flowers and confounding the dog to look forward to for just a bit longer. We plan to spoil her rotten until her quality of life deteriorates. Until then, enjoy your furry friends and spread the hedgie love!

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