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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vote on Favorite Baby Shower Gift

  I am having a difficult time deciding which gift to buy for an upcoming baby shower, so I thought I could enlist the help of all of you. The gender of the baby is unknown and is the second child. I usually like to get either gifts specifically for mommy or for when the child is slightly older because I feel like everyone gets the same wash clothes, baby bottles, etc. Plus this is the second time around, so there will be lots of left overs. What does one usually need/want the second time around? Anyway, there were just too many things to choose from! Here is my final list, so let's see if you can help me narrow it down.

Number One- Mini Monkey Flap Hat


Thanks to these Etsy shops (in order 1-6):


  1. The bath monster. Definitely the bath monster.

  2. The bath monster is super cute. But you know how I love monkeys :)