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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gardening- Spring Starts

  Gardening is one of my many other hobbies. One which threatens to consume all my free time as I have recently discovered the ease and joy of germinating your own plants indoors. I've used several kinds of Burpee Greenhouse Kits, and each time I am amazed at how easy and fast the plants germinate. The germination rates, if you follow the directions exactly, have been close to 90% for me. I even decided to use these at school this year to start our Butterfly Garden indoors, so that the children can see what is growing before they leave for the summer.

  Today was an overcast day left over from the thunder storms last night (I love sleeping during storms and listening to all the pretty sounds), which is when I love gardening the most. I decided my Mammoth and Velvet Sunflowers had to go into the ground because they keep falling over. Does anyone know how to keep those babies straight and tall? Do I have to stake each one?

  I barely had room for all the plants with my Sugar Snap Peas and Radishes taking over, so I just created some new garden plots. Our grass is very spotty up against the house and we rent, so I don't want to invest in a fancy border, which is where the sunflowers are going to fit in. I figure it will add color and feed the birds.

   I also got a chance to plant my cukes, which is a first for me this year. I'm really excited to eat my very own grilled cucumbers this summer! I'm also planting Ghost Pumpkins and Loofah Sponge Squash. Hopefully they will take over the whole yard and there won't be any need for mowing this summer (yeah right!).

  I'm sure there will be many more gardening adventures this spring as we plant our Butterfly Garden at school and more vegetables as the soil warms up here.

  Look for pictures from my own garden coming soon!

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