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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tips & Tricks- Knitting Tube Scarves

  Recently, after many years of trying my best with needles, I discovered how easy it is to knit on a loom. With needles I was always going too fast, dropping a stitch and not realizing it until way later. I love knitting though and the old-fashioned idea of making my own clothes (and someday my own children's clothes). It also gives my hands something to do, which they always seem to be in need of these days.

  Thankfully, my local craft store had one of those tiny knitting looms for sale and curiosity got the best of me. Unfortunately, I had no idea that they were used mostly for making flowers. I was bummed until I realized that I didn't have to make flowers with it if I didn't want to. Instead I decided to try a magic/tube scarf on it. It not only worked like a marvel, but I haven't dropped a stitch since.

  The thing to know is that this scarf isn't going to be big enough in circumference to be worn like a hood or a mini dress, but instead is about the circumference of a skinny adult arm. It makes a great spring scarf if you use light weight, bright yarns. It adds an interesting texture and the ends remind me of flared shirt sleeves. The other benefit is that because you are working on a smaller loom you won't use as much yarn and it won't take you as long to finish one scarf. This appeals to me greatly as I have many craft adventures to attend to.

  Simple Pattern:
*Use any cast-on method you prefer (I like the crochet cast-on)
*e-wrap and knit scarf to desired length
*Use any cast-off method you prefer

Note- With light weight yarns it can be easy to pull too tight and snap the yarn. Make sure your hands are relaxed and let the pegs do most of the work.

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