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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspiration- The Doll House Book

Dollhouses and other miniatures have always fascinated me. They have the ability to transport you and send the imagination spiraling. I marvel at the impossible details in such minute craftsmanship. It can seem likely a really frivolous hobby, but I think it embodies the true beauty of “art for art’s sake”. I also love how they seem to mark a place and time like a record in history. Antique children’s toys really strike me as objects with stories to tell, so I never tire dreaming up what story a dollhouse might tell.
I recently came across “The Doll House Book” by Stephanie Finnegan and I highly recommend it. This whimsically shaped book discusses the origin of doll houses and follows them through time to modern day. It showcases many talented doll makers like Dame Darcy and famous personages houses like Queen Mary’s. It even has a section on my all time favorite house, Colleen Moore's "Fairy Castle", which I have dreamed about since seeing it as a small girl. It made me really appreciate how dollhouses have influenced popular culture, children and even history.

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