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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dyeing for Peace- Tips & Tricks

Along with many people all over the world our school is celebrating the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2010. We will be joining Montessori Schools around the world at 11:00am and singing "Light a Candle for Peace". This world event will start in New Zealand and travel around the world for 24 hours with each school joining in at their local time. There's a great article about in from the Examiner, so check in out for more details.

Our school decided to invite parents and do some fund raising during this time for our Upper Elementary and Middle School participation in MMUN. We'll have the usual backed goods, but also official UN gear and tie-dyed socks of various colors and sizes. My boss coined the clever slogan "dyeing for peace" and I anticipate all the kids will want a pair. I thought I would share some tips and tricks with all of you concerning sock dyeing.

Tips & Tricks for Sock Dyeing:
1. Try to get thin, all white 100% cotton socks for the best results. The thicker ones made to wick away sweat just don't dye well.
2. Be sure to pre-wash to remove any sizing or other chemicals the manufacturers use. Otherwise the colors won't be as bright or even.
3. Protect clothing with plastic bad aprons or wear what we call "painting" clothes. Shoes are the most likely to get dripped on, so don't wear them. Go barefoot because feet are much easier to clean!
4. Set up your work space outside to easily managed spills and mess.
5. If you are not using a kit, I suggest Rit Dye. It comes with very good instruction on how to dissolve the powder into hot water. It is also important to use the salt and detergent they ask for in the instructions to get the brightest colors. They've been the dye of choice for years, so trust their instructions.
6. While you are setting up your dye bath, keep the socks soaking in hot, clear water. Wet fabric absorbs dye quicker and more evenly.
7. If you are doing a big batch, you will likely need a place for some of them to sit while you finish the others. We spread garbage bags out on the grass next to our dye bath wash tubs and just piled like colors together while we finished the other. Remember that while they are sitting together they are likely to bleed, so put only the same colors next to each other.
8. Have the kids twist and rubber band them into as many crazy shapes and designs as they want. Our kids really loved this part and their designs came out great.
9. If you are doing various sizes, keep pairs together to make life easy. This takes more workspace and planning, but will result in the less stress.
10. If doing two or more colors on one sock, remember to do its matching pair in a similar pattern. Keep in mind socks come in twos, even though they will be twisted and tied separately.

The dye sets really well and after rinsing in the sink with cold water, they were all set to be washed together regardless of color. Watch for pictures of use wearing our socks "Dyed for Peace".

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